If you are an HP printer user, then should update yourprinter’s software regularly as it could offer better performance andcompatibility. But, when it comes to updating your printer software you shouldbe very cautious as it may lead to uninstalling the existing software and reinstalling.

We will guide you with some instructions for updating yoursoftware effectively.

Steps for Updating HP printer from HP website

· Ensure that your printer is connected to yourbroadband connection no matter it is wired or wireless network connection


· Visit the official website of HP products fromyour system and click the search icon to select your printer model

· Once you select your HP printer, you candownload the required software for your printer model


· Download it for your printer and save it in yourlocal drive

· Locate the file in your preferred location anddouble-click the file to open and install the firmware


· Check if your printer’s serial number isavailable in the HP printer update window, once you start the installationprocess

· If yes, choose the checkbox and select “update”option

· If not, then it seems that you are already usingthe updated version, just click the “cancel” button

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